♥ welcome to sugared cardboard, the fanart site of maureen "suzanami" mccullough. this site houses my fanart from various series~ not limited to just anime and manga, though that's the majority. hopefully you'll enjoy your time here!
   please do NOT take any of these images and repost them anywhere else on the web! if you want to use something in a fanart gallery or something, just email me.

   january 15, 2008
   okay, yeah, so i haven't updated in a year and a half. i'm leaving community art archives, though, so i wanted to get this site nice and updated for the new year. lots of various updates and i've rearranged the categories to better fit the content. the "about" is way out-of-date and i still need to put together some links, but the main feature, the fanart, is nice and updated. :3
   took down the guestbook because A) it was full of spam, and B) no one signs guestbooks anymore. that is so 1999. :P i'd still like to get feedback on anything concerning the site, so feel free to email me at suzanami(AT)dusted-dreams.net with any questions or comments!
   also, it's not up yet, but please keep an eye out for my original art site, pencildust, for all my non-fanart work!

   july 28, 2006
   most of the sections have been updated with old and new fanart: rayearth, nadja, sailormoon, prétear, esca, dbz, mononoke, and misc. some new sections have been added: outsiders, lotr and tenchi muyo!.

   march 15, 2006
   updated rayearth, nadja, sailormoon, prétear, live action, disney, books, and misc anime. *phew* still haven't gotten around to organizing links out. will do so eventually...

   september 18, 2005
   new site is up and running. please be sure to read the about section!