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      It's been a while, hasn't it? I don't think I've touched the main page here of my domain in over a year. Between finishing college, messing with my various hobbies that keep me sane, planning my wedding and trying to work enough hours to have enough money for all of the above, websites haven't really been my focus. The trend these days being shifted from personal websites to networking sites with layouts already pre-made has also made me lazy and my HTML is incredibly rusty. But I've very much missed making layouts and organizing site content (I've always just been lazy about creating all that content!). Hopefully I can stop stressing enough to relax with some fan site design!
      There isn't anything too new and exciting, but I figured the domain was more than due for a new layout. I've put up cute little banners for all the sites that I have up and have added some more links, such as to my deviantART, my public blog, and my Cosplay.com account. I've also put up a tiny bit of information on future projects -- and dumped ones that I know I won't get around to doing any time soon.
      It's funny: When I bought this domain, I had just graduated from high school and it was the summer before I began college. As of this update, I have just finished college and it's the summer before I get married. It's been almost exactly six years since Dusted-dreams.net made its sad little debut on the internet. And while time has shown that as I get older and have more things that I "need to do" and my websites suffer, the domain has still stood strong enough. I think Dusted-dreams.net will be around for many more years to come.

Need to contact me? Send me an email at sunnybunch(a)gmail.com or catch me on AIM under fumbleweeds.

Update Oct 7, 2010 To keep things simpler I've put all the content over here instead of just mirroring it. Until I get my domain name switched, I'll be watermarking my work to this address as I'm not 100% sure of the future of the name dusted-dreams.net at this point. I've added a link to my FurAffinity archive and done a couple tweaks to the main page here in the meantime. Close enough to an update for me!

Mar 4, 2010 Hi! I'm working on getting everything moved over to my husband's server and then will eventually get dusted-dreams.net to point there. In the meantime, I'll be at suzanami.wafflemind.net. I am also thinking about choosing an entirely different domain name as I've changed a lot since I picked it in 2003. That hasn't been decided for sure yet, though, so stay tuned. :)

Sugared Cardboard
Please don't ask why I named it this because I have no clue! This is my site that houses all my (mostly anime) fanart! There is especially a lot of Eureka seveN, Magic Knight Rayearth and Ashita no Nadja fanart to see.

I draw more than just Eureka, you know! I have my own original characters that I like to draw (most are anthro, though I'm not in the fandom) and the odd fan-made character for a series. All of my babies are here; come meet them!

Community art archives
I don't update my sites too often (so much work!) and I like the possibility of getting comments on my work, so I've got accounts at deviantART and FurAffinity.

Doodle Blog
This is what gets updated often, though! There are pages and pages of my doodles here. Doodles and sketches are my best pieces not because of technique, but because you can tell how much I just enjoy doodling without worrying about making it look "right". Lots of fanart and my OCs.

My Blog
My Tumblr is my main blog and it's full of all kinds of random things. There is not much fandom-specific content nor artwork here but if you're interested in me as a person, here you go!

A screencap archive for the endearing anime series Ashita no Nadja. Eventually the idea is to make it a resource for caps of the whole series since resources for this series are so scarce!

Promises Not Needed
Okay, this Fuu/Ferio site hasn't been updated in YEARS. It looks terrible in modern browsers (let's just say the transparent iframe will burn your retinas) and the content is pretty stale, but it still has great content compared to many other Rayearth shrines and a large fanart gallery. This is still my baby, and my oldest site (since 2001), though it needs a good rehaul. I'm hoping to do a new layout (at least) for its 10-year birthday next spring!

Coming in the future... maybe
Technicolor Eyes (Eureka seveN), Playback (Video Girl Ai), and Neverending Future (Rayearth).

Link back?
I know there isn't a lot of domain-specific content on DDnet these days, but if you want to link back to me here rather than just one of the above sites, please take this banner and have at it!

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