~★~ welcome back to dusted-dreams.net! I got the domain name back and am feelin' fine. fyi, suzanami.wafflemind.net will continue to work just as well. I'm mostly using this page as a directory for other places you can actually find me online. I'm mostly on Tumblr.com these days. {{the first three tumblogs on the TUMBLR list below are the main ones, the rest are just gravy}}

     if you have questions, comments, art commission inquiries, or just want to flail about a mutual fandom, you're welcome to inbox me on tumblr or shoot me an email at sunnybunch(a)gmail.com! if you just wanna chat, you can also hit me up on kik, my username is twiceasfancy.

TUMBLR {{ ★ = personal blogs }}
     froth - main. all kinds of stuff here.
     veteranfangirl - fandom blog, sorted with tags.
     suzanami - ★; art blog. main place I post my drawings!
     mayorette - Animal Crossing New Leaf blog.
     peachythoughts - OCs blog, especially anthro OCs.
     fuckyeahrayearth - Magic Knight Rayearth spam.
     team-hououji - Fuu from Rayearth spam.
     g1mlp & g3mlp - G1 & G3 My Little Pony spam.
     nanowrimoallyear - NaNoWriMo inspiration.
     paperlove - somewhat neglected aesthetic blog.

     Council of Cephiro - active and laid-back Rayearth forum!!
     twitter - don't use it as much as I used to, though.
     deviantART - select finished drawings.
     fur affinity - most anthro/furry art.
     oekaki BBS - my personal oekaki board.
     goatlings - the petsite I'm on.
     ac3ds-adult LJ comm - community for ACNL players over 21.
     livejournal - and I am still suzanami on LJ, but fyi I never update.
     instagram - misc life stuff, request to be added!
     pony collecting blog - which is severely neglected...

SITELY {{ like 99% archival }}
     art website - select stuff from 2000-2010. no longer updated.
     Fuu/Ferio shrine - Rayearth site, been online since 2001.
     old main page - previous index page, left up for reference posterity.

{{ last updated 14 may, 2015 }}