Last updated in March 2006:

this shrine was opened to the public on march 15, 2001 on a geocities server as two. at the time, the MKR community was not at its peak, but it was still thriving. there were still new sites coming up, and older ones were still active. the site generated a decent flow of traffic, recieving over 7000 hits in its first year.

after the first year and a half after the site opened, the MKR community began to die down a bit, most of it residing in the disappointing archive of fanfics at sites stopped being updated, and the new ones created were rather dull. i was determined to keep my baby, two., alive and kicking.

about this time, i stopped being entertained by most of the MKR fanfiction that was being put up. it was dull and poorly-written. i was generally disappointed in the fanfiction of the community and took all stories off the site. they were on and all the other fuu/ferio shrines, anyways, so it wasn't any original content. i began to seek out quality fanart, asking for submissions, but also browsing for good pieces and asking permission to use them. my goal was, and still is, to have the largest fuu-and/or-ferio-only fan art gallery on the 'net. i enjoy eye candy more than fics, anyways, and it's harder to find and, therefore, more valuable as site content.

by the time the site was two years old, however, it had come to a halt. i had nothing to update with, not even a new layout. the content began to embarrass me because of its utter lameness. it slipped into a static state, taking up space on the server and looking silly.

it remained that way for over a year before i finally put it on an official hiatus, taking down all of the content to spend some time re-vamping the entire site, which is what you see now. i think it is now up to par with how i have progressed as a webmaster and person, and i hope it's more enjoyable for everyone.

the MKR community has gone up again as "new blood" is entering the fandom, but i don't plan to repost fanfic here. even if the fandom were to die out, this site will always stay up as long as i keep my domain, because it really is my baby. <3