magic knight rayearth is the story of three junior-high girls summoned to another world to become magical knights and save the country of cephiro, which is crumbling. it is one of CLAMP's most popular and well-known manga/anime series.

since MKR is not a new series, most of the fans have seen it in its entirety. for that reason, there is no general information on the series or characters; this is not an information site, it is a dual character shrine.

there are spoilers on this site, and i have not marked them ahead of time. if you haven't seen all of MKR and don't want anything spoiled, either don't continue or tread with caution.

i created this shrine because fuu and ferio are my two favorite characters in MKR, and they just happen to be an official couple (the first in the series, in fact). this site is a bit of a tribute to the two of them, as well as my contribution to the MKR community. enjoy the site!