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     Welcome to 'pencildust', a site archiving the original artwork by myself, Maureen Wagner (née McCullough), or as I'm known around the 'net, "suzanami". Here you'll find many of my drawings featuring non-copywritten characters; for example, my own created characters and those of my friends. If you're looking for my fanart of anime series and more, please head on over to 'Sugared Cardboard'.

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March 06, 2011
     Once again it's been about a year plus since an update! I don't really draw enough to warrant a site update more often than that, especially since my work is also on my DeviantART, FurAffinity and sketch blog. I have been working on actually getting profiles and references done so those will (hopefully) be updated sometime in the next couple of months! Lots of new drawings to the site -- Look for the thumbnails with a border. :)

May 01, 2010
     WELL. It's been a while, hasn't it? I did not get a lot of drawing done in 2009, so to be honest, there wasn't much to update with in the last... year and a half. :P Well, now almost every single category's been updated and there are a bunch more that I've added (quite a few new characters have joined the cast in my head) and reorganized. The character pages are down but I'm working on them as you read this. ;)

Oct 08, 2008
     Boo! I got around to updating! There's a bunch of new drawings and even a couple of new characters that I've added since the beginning of the year. ^^; Some of these won't be new to those who watch my art blog, but there are some doodles that I've colored and haven't posted that way to the blog, so there's something unique here, anyway. XD All the newly posted drawings have a border around the thumbnail. (I like keeping them in order drawn rather than order added to the site.)
     ALSO. I have moved the site to my boyfriend's domain because his server has a ton more bandwidth than mine. The original pages are still on the old server, but it directs to the frames page hosted here on wafflemind.net for now, so don't worry about changing links.

Feb 28, 2008
     Hooray, it's finally up! There are still a couple of character profile pages left to finish, but a handful of them are up so far. The gift art still needs to be added to the site, too, but the main feature - the drawings! - are all up! If there are any broken links, please email me and let me know!
     Also, please note!: If the site goes down, that means my bandwidth has been exhausted. This happens sometimes when I first pimp my updates because I don't have a huge amount of bandwidth allowed. The site will come back up in an hour or so, so just check back!