~★~ welcome back to dusted-dreams.net! I got the domain name back and am feelin' fine. fyi, suzanami.wafflemind.net will continue to work just as well. I'm mostly using this page as a directory for other places you can actually find me online.

     these days I'm very involved in my OCs (original characters, anthro/furry as well as story characters), MLP collecting hobby, and my main fandoms are Animorphs and Rayearth. otp is still Fuu/Ferio. <3

     if you have questions, comments, art commission inquiries, or just want to flail about a mutual fandom, you're welcome to shoot me an email at sunnybunch(a)gmail.com!

TUMBLR {{ ★ = personal blogs }}
     froth - main. all kinds of stuff here.
     veteranfangirl - fandom blog, sorted with tags.
     suzanami - art blog. main place I post my drawings!
     pony collecting - the instagram linked below is more active though!
     mayorette - Animal Crossing New Leaf blog.
     fuckyeahrayearth - Magic Knight Rayearth spam.
     team-hououji - Fuu from Rayearth spam.
     g1mlp & g3mlp - G1 & G3 My Little Pony spam.
     nanowrimoallyear - NaNoWriMo inspiration. (often on hiatus)

     Council of Cephiro - active and laid-back Rayearth forum!!
     twitter - don't use it as much as I used to, though.
     deviantART - select finished drawings.
     fur affinity - most anthro/furry art.
     toyhou.se - info about all my OCs & commission info
     goatlings - the petsite I'm on.
     pony/toy collecting instagram - I'm much more active here!

SITELY {{ like 99% archival }}
     art website - select stuff from 2000-2010. no longer updated.
     Fuu/Ferio shrine - Rayearth site, been online since 2001.
     old main page - previous index page, left up for reference posterity.

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